OLSA RE has developed a solid international book of facultative business in most of the reinsurance lines of risks. We therefore have the capacity to quote and place the vast majority of facultative risks in the most solid international reinsurance markets. To achieve this we have a vast number of first class international reinsurers that support our reinsurance placements to obtain not only the most competitive rates and conditions but also access to a whole range of coverages and innovations that could be obtained in the international market.
Some of our facultative products are as follows:
Credit & Surety, All Risk of Physical Loss or Damage, including Earthquake, Terrorism, Strikes, Riots, Civil, Commotion, Malicious Damage, Vandalism and Consequential Loss. Construction & Erection All Risk Insurance (CAR&EAR). Plant and Machinery Insurance. Machinery Breakdown and Consequential Loss Insurance. Electronic Equipment Insurance. Completed Civil Works. Terrorism Insurance. Aviation Insurance. Hangar Keepers Legal Liability Insurance. Bankers Blanket Bond (BBB). Directors & Officers (Legal Liability). Marine Hull and Pluvial, including fishing vessels. Cargo Vessels. Transport / Cargo Insurance. General Legal Liability, Extra-contractual, Contractual, Employers, Products. Life & Personal Accident Insurance (Group or Individual). Livestock Insurance. ATMsafe Insurance. Healthcare Insurance. Other Facultative Risks.

OLSA RE has great experience in the placement of proportional and non proportional treaties as well.
Some of our treaty business are as follows:
Credit & Surety. Travel. Fire and Allied Lines. Engineering. Casualty. Life, Health, Personal Accidents. Automobile Hull. Automobile Liability. Green Card. Motor Extended Warranty. Terrorism and Political Risks. Cargo. Energy. Liabilities. Other types of Treaties tailor made to requirements.